The Project

Taking Aim is a project documenting the journey of professional  archer Patricia Gonsalves as she travels the world, exploring the history and modern world of archery. This is first and foremost an exploration of her personal story, what in her past has lead her to this point in her life? What will she discover about herself and her art? How will she have grown by journey’s end? The end production will be an intimate character piece telling a uniquely personal story.

Starting at her home in Vancouver, the documentary will follow Gonsalves from Canada to London, England where she’ll meet with experts such as Mr. Ian Cootes from the English Longbow Society.

Stopping in Nottingham and Sherwood Forest we’ll visit the land that inspired the legend of Robin Hood, a story that sparked Gonsalves interest and love for archery. From England we head North to Helsinki Finland, to speak with archery archeologist Marcus Lepola, gaining access to the National Museum of Finland and constructing a traditional Finish Hanti bow in the beautiful setting of the Laplands.

From Finland we fly south to Budapest Hungary looking at mounted archery and the Hungarian bow. From Hungary Gonsalves boards a train south through the Carpathian Mountains into Romania and on to Istanbul Turkey. There she will meet with Murat Ozveri, an Ottoman Turk archery expert, and Cemal Hunal an Ottoman Turk mounted archery expert.

Finally the journey finishes in Ulaanbataar Mongolia where she will attend Naadam, the largest cultural festival of the year that celebrates the three arts of Mongolia, Wrestling, Horsemanship, and Archery. Her journey at an end we continue eastward flying back home to Vancouver.