The People

Patricia Gonsalves



Patricia has been involved in archery for 30 years, and became an instructor 19 years ago. In that time, she has done thorough research into the history of archery and has an extensive knowledge of the recurve bow, longbow and horsebow. In the past Patricia has competed in various events throughout British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada, as well as in various Society for Creative Anachronism events. In 1994 she was on the Canadian Archery Team presenting archery demos for the Commonwealth Games. During her many years in competition, Patricia’s favourite challenge has been field archery: target shooting, often in a forest or field setting. Patricia is embarking upon this journey in the hopes of connecting with others as passionate about archery as she, and with the intention of discovering more about the history of her profession. Patricia lives by the conviction that archery connects us all, and she is setting out to prove this.


Darren Devlin



Director and creative lead for Taking Aim, Darren is a soon-to-be graduate of Emily Carr University.  Fascinated by historical sports such as sword-fighting and archery, and passionate about filmmaking, he found himself in the position to accompany Patricia on her journey across the world.  Darren hopes that this journey will be an incredible opportunity to learn, to see the world, and to build a story that the world can connect to.


Anaïsa Visser


Being from all over the world herself,  Anaïsa was primarily interested in the cross-cultural potential of a project like Taking Aim.  She is devoted to making films that people connect with. Whether they be narrative shorts or documentaries about archery, the projects she takes on generally revolve around the human condition, as it is, as it was, as it always will be.  Sadly she will not get to go along on the trip, but as the Producer she will be running the Vancouver side of the project, and generally helping Darren and Patricia make this project an amazing one.