Meeting the Man in the Hood

After a bit of an adventure joining our Robin Hood-themed walking tour around Nottingham, we finally met up with the group at St. Mary’s church where Robin and Marion were said to be wed. Lo and behold, there he was – Robin Hood, cap tucked in his wide belt strapped about his waist, hunting horn hanging from it. Following him, we strolled about the town of Nottingham gaining a vibrant and explanatory tour of the buildings, the neighbourhoods, the lace industry and of course the Legend of the ‘Man in the Hood’.

After stopping at the oldest pub theatre in England for a quick pint, the tour continued on to the caves beneath the town. Did you know that there are over 100 caves below Nottingham? The only town in Merrie Old England that brewed beer year around, the temperature in the caves is what allowed Nottingham to do so. In addition, the residents also actually lived in these underground homes during the cold English winters.

Our tour ended at the infamous statue of Robin Hood, longbow at draw, forever about loose his grey goose shaft. We carried on to the Pilgrim pub which it said that Englishmen going to war would stop for their last pint. It was here that the tour participants went their ways and I sat to have a brew with Ezekial Bone, our Robin Hood tour guide. While walking the trails of Robin’s home, Sherwood Forest, we spoke at length that day and the next about archery, the legend and what it means to England. Robin is one the world’s most famous outlaws yet like in Robin’s day, bureaucracy has put enough red tape in the way to perhaps stop even Robin. We have faith that the true meaning behind the tales will come true, that the little man will win against those in charge. A new interpretive centre is to be built to promote Nottingham and Sherwood and bring tourism to area once again. People like Ezekial, Colin, ‘the Forest Archer’ & Paul of Sherwood Forest Management are working hard to give the forest and it’s famous archer their rightful place in the world of tourism.